Scattering Ashes

You are dust and to dust you shall return

Over the recent years, Scattering Ashes has become a widely popular alternative for funerals.
If your wish is to be cremated, you probably have a place in mind for ashes scattering. Your deceased loved ones probably had such a place in mind too. However, the arrangement of ashes scattering might not be as easy as we imagine.


Firstly, in most cases, one needs permission to scatter ashes, whether it is from a private owner, local council, or the church. Secondly, the transportation of ashes is not always as straightforward as it seems, especially, when the chosen location is overseas. Lastly, ashes scattering usually requires taking time off, not only to arrange it but also to perform it. In such a difficult time, everyone should have someone to rely on. Bright Goodbyes are here for you.


We provide ashes scattering services across the UK as well as overseas (as long as it is legal), hopefully soon also beyond the Earth (work in progress).
The ceremony can be recorded or live-streamed (if technological arrangements permit).


Please be aware that every ashes scattering service request will be assessed on an individual basis. The price depends on the location costs (distance, travelling costs) and costs of obtaining the permission. Please note that we require copies of both the death and cremation certificates.


Here are some recent ideas and trends on how and where ashes can be scattered:

  1. Memorial Gardens: Some families choose to scatter ashes in designated memorial gardens, providing a peaceful and well-maintained space for reflection.

  2. Natural Burial Grounds: Burial sites that emphasize environmental sustainability have gained popularity. Ashes can be scattered in these natural settings, contributing to a more eco-friendly approach.

  3. Biodegradable Urns: Using biodegradable urns that break down over time, often designed to be planted as a tree or flower, has become a popular choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

  4. Scattering at Sea: Scattering ashes at sea, either through a formal ceremony or a more private affair, remains a timeless option. Some services offer biodegradable urns designed for marine environments.

  5. Aerial Scattering: Utilizing aircraft services to scatter ashes from the air, creating a unique and memorable experience for the family.

  6. Scattering in Special Locations: Choosing specific locations with sentimental value, such as a favorite park, beach, or mountain, provides a personal touch to the scattering ceremony.

  7. Firework Displays: Incorporating ashes into fireworks for a celebratory and visually striking scattering event has gained popularity.

  8. Scattering in Space: For those seeking an unconventional option, there are services that offer the scattering of ashes in space, providing a celestial and futuristic memorial.

  9. Underwater Scattering: Some services specialize in scattering ashes underwater, either in the ocean or in designated areas like artificial reefs.

  10. Incorporating Ashes into Art: Turning ashes into art, such as glass sculptures or paintings, provides a creative and lasting tribute.

Always ensure that you are aware of local regulations and consider the preferences and values of the deceased and their family when choosing an option.


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