Celebration of life

Uplifting celebration

Whatever the idea for that special last day is, we offer our help with its realisation. One of the unique ways is organising an uplifting celebration.
In light of the recent emergence of various funeral alternatives, celebrations of life have been gaining in popularity. They are similar to memorial services, but take on a different tone. They focus on positivity rather than grief. Therefore, the ceremonies can be held in a nontraditional location, often associated with the person who passed away. You may create a playlist with the music the deceased person loved. You can also create a theme around one of their favourite things, or release paper lanterns in their honour. You can even decide that instead of dark clothes, the guests should wear colourful outfits. You can arrange anything that feels like the right way to celebrate the deceased's life. Many families choose to say goodbye both ways, by organising a funeral and a celebration of life.


Any setting or location is possible

The biggest advantage of the celebration of life ceremony is that it does not have to be religious. Instead of a church, you can choose to hold it, for example, outdoors. According to the latest report, the majority of Brits do not care about the religious setting of their funerals. However, not many know they can choose a different location and setting for their final farewell.
The most popular ideas among the non-religious locations are picturesque landscapes, a favourite spot of the deceased, their garden, or the countryside. An interesting venue idea gaining more and more popularity is a memorial forest. It is an alternative for those who would like to choose ashes scattering yet still have a memorial place to visit. At the memorial forest, the ashes are mixed with soil and tree roots giving birth to new life in the form of a private memorial tree. You can also choose a burial under the memorial tree or scatter ashes around the memorial forest. There is also a memorial service held, during which a nameplate is placed on the tree.
Not-so-popular but still original locations are the zoo or even a fast-food restaurant! Anything is possible! Bright Goodbyes is at your disposal when making funeral arrangements. Contact us to get advice on available locations and any additional venue hire costs.


Alternative to a traditional farewell

A traditional funeral may not feel right for many reasons. Maybe your loved one may not have wanted a funeral, or a grandiose memorial ceremony simply does not correspond to their personality. Perhaps the budget does not allow for a large ceremony. Whatever your reasons are, Bright Goodbyes can offer you a funeral alternative tailored exactly to your wishes.

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