Ashes transportation between United States and United Kingdom

Bright Goodbyes aim to support familes in challanging process of shipping your late loved once remains between USA and the UK

Transportation Services for Cremated and Non-Cremated Human Remains


In this grief-stricken moment, Bright Goodbyes extends its heartfelt support, offering a compassionate team ready to assist with the transportation of cremated or non-cremated remains between the United States and the United Kingdom. Navigating this emotionally delicate journey, our dedicated professionals aim to fulfill the last wishes of the departed, whether it involves a traditional burial or the scattering of ashes in the cherished landscapes of the British Isles. Furthermore, for those seeking repatriation in the opposite direction—from the United Kingdom to the USA— our services are flexible, catering to a multitude of needs.


The intricate process of international repatriation demands meticulous attention, with multiple documents requiring completion before the shipping process can commence. Entrust this complex procedure to the experienced professionals at Bright Goodbyes, who understand the nuances and sensitivities involved, ensuring a seamless and respectful passage for your loved one.


Our extensive network of partners spans the United States, allowing us to arrange collection from any state, including prominent locations such as:

  • New York,
  • Washington D.C.,
  • California,
  • Illinois,
  • Texas,
  • Florida,
  • Pennsylvania,
  • Ohio,
  • Georgia,
  • Hawaii,
  • Alaska. 

Recognizing the unique needs of grieving families, our commitment is to provide accessible services, irrespective of your geographical location.


In the United Kingdom, our coverage extends comprehensively, encompassing every corner of England, including London, the scenic landscapes of Wales, the enchanting realms of Scotland, and the serene landscapes of Northern Ireland. Additionally, our services extend to transportation to and from the Republic of Ireland, offering a comprehensive solution for those seeking a final resting place or memorial on the Emerald Isle.


While the logistics of international repatriation are complex, Bright Goodbyes ensures that our compassionate and experienced team will guide you through each step. From the completion of essential documentation to the coordination of transportation, we manage the details, providing solace to grieving families during this challenging time.


Bright Goodbyes stands as a pillar of compassion, ensuring that your loved one's journey is handled with the utmost care and respect as they make their way to their final resting place.

Complimentary Support

At Bright Goodbyes, we extend our support beyond just logistical services. Recognizing the emotional challenges faced by grieving families, we offer an additional layer of care. Each family that chooses our service will receive an hour of complimentary grief counseling.This session, conducted by experienced bereavement counselors, provides emotional support and guidance through the grieving process. It's our way of standing by your side, offering comfort and understanding in your journey of remembrance and farewell.

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