Ashes into Diamonds

For all those who want to keep their loved ones close

What if you would not have to let go of the person who passed away? In recent years, a new way to honour your late loved ones has emerged, a cremation diamond.


What is a Cremation Diamond?

The single element of any diamond is carbon. A cremation diamond or a remembrance diamond is a form of synthetic diamond that consists of the carbon extracted from cremated ashes, or hair. It is the ultimate way of keeping your deceased close to you in the form of a unique precious stone that is unlike any other diamond in the whole world.


Is turning your loved one into a diamond a good idea?

There are several arguments for creating diamonds from the remains of the deceased. The most important one is the true resemblance of the person we want to hold on to. Is the diamond, a precious and exclusive stone, not the best metaphor for the being that we lost? We do not want to part with someone so important and unique to us. That is why we honour them by creating a beautiful stone that we can always keep close to us.
Other reasons for choosing cremation diamonds might be:


How much do remembrance diamonds cost?

All synthetic diamonds are priced individually. It is because there are many factors that the price depends on, such as:

Bright Goodbyes will gladly take care of all the arrangements regarding synthetic diamonds. Get in touch to discuss details and get a quote.

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